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Superman Rebirth Comic Book Review

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***Warning some may consider some of what I write as being minor spoilers*** I don't that I really spoil anything, but just in case, if you don't want to know anything at all about the latest Superman Rebirth then don't read any further. ****

I just recently read Superman 1-3 2016 and Action Comics 957-959 featuring the new DC Comics Rebirth story line. I honestly haven't been reading many of the New 52 comics. I sort of have been collecting them a little at a time here and there when I can find them cheap. I just haven't been that entertained by those story lines. In fact, in recent years I've spent more time reading the older classics and trying to collect the 60's era Superman. I've got all the 70's Superman and Action Comics now.

The older style stories of Superman are more my style, and I mean the the ones before John Byrne's revamp in the 80's back when Curt Swan was the main Superman artist. I was very curious to read what they were doing with the rebirth of Superman. I had read that they were bringing back the John Byrne 80's Superman, which I believe has been revamped at least twice with two different mini-series. I'm still trying to figure out how, but from all my reading so far, but it appears that Superman has made it into the New 52 universe with Lois Lane his wife, and his super son Jon.

Sure enough after reading the last three Action Comics and Superman's family plays a major part of the Rebirth. But what do I think about the latest issues after reading them? Well, Superman 1-2 I think were pretty good, number 3 went a little too fast for me. I guess there weren't enough words. I really hate paying 2.99 for a book that I can finish in 2 minutes or less. Action Comics was filled with action, of course. I pretty much loved 957-959. I really got into it. It reads like classic comics in the sense you feel like Superman is back in the house. I guess, they learned from all the griping over the Man of Steel movie where fans have felt that Superman is depicted as seeming not to care about people getting injured and so forth, because they make a huge point of having Superman tell people to get to safety and asking Lex Luthor of all people to help evacuate citizens. Showing Superman's concerns for citizens does help to magnify the danger of the situation, which is that Doomsday appears to be back and he's got Superman in the fight of his life.

There are a few mysteries that have got me. As I said I haven't gotten into the New 52 books that much, I've got my Superman series up to the 20's and they go to number 50, I believe. So, I'm really complexed as to why this Lex Luthor seems to be acting like a good guy. Surely, he is up to something, and then there's this Clark Kent running around that has no powers completely independent of Superman, and supposedly the New 52 Superman is dead. So that's got me interested. I do hate that comics drag these kinds of mysteries on for like ever though. But for the first time in a long time I have actually got excited about reading a new Superman story. Recently, I think the best new comics I read, believe or not, were Scooby Doo Teamup. I'm a kid at heart, what can I say.

Reading the Action books I felt like Superman was actually in the fight of his life. Now the Superman books 1-3 are mostly focused on Superman's family which is interesting, but as I said issue #3 went too fast for me.

The only other complaint I have so far about Rebirth is that I hate Superman wearing blue boots. Pretty soon he is going have a blue insignia and a blue cape. Come on guys just go ahead and bring back the red in Superman's costume. It's Superman we all expect him to wear his underwear on the outside. I've always believed if it ain't broke don't fix it cause every time you do, you risk breaking it worse.

If your a Superman fan like me, it's a good time to give Superman Rebirth a try, especially the Action Comics. If nothing else get those issues. It does appear that they are going with two separate story lines so you won't miss that much if you only want to keep up with the Action.

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