Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best New SCI-FI

Some good stuff is out there and coming around the bend. V the new series has got my interest up with the first episode so far. It's classic sci-fi in that's it's not just a bunch of aliens running around killing things like a cheap sci-fi channel Saturday night movie. It does what good sci-fi has always done in the past. It uses themes of science fiction to represent current political climates and events.

The original V dealt with aggressors that used tactics similar to Nazis and Communists. These new Visitors seem to be running for President or Congress. So far they've refused any negative media coverage, promised universal healthcare, got the young people's attention right off the bat, and expected complete devotion while keeping their true agenda hidden. There are a lot of similarities between the old and new V, but this new bunch of Visitors are really pushing the health care bit.

I only hope they've learned from the mistakes of the first V series. Pretty much after the "Final Battle" the second mini series, it was over for V. Both of the first two mini series had very high ratings, but when the series came along it lacked everything the first two had. After the Final Battle it was supposed to have been the final battle. Pushing the series onward just didn't work because the original premise had been destroyed already.

Discuss V the series

Of course Lost is coming back later next year for it's final season. It's been heck of a ride so far with time travel to the 70's, Locke's dad turning out to be that guy from Emergency, a nuclear explosion, etc. Just what will the world be like with the timeline completely destroyed? Remember if you will last season how Juliet detonated that bomb which besides killing everybody in 1977 meant that our castaways would never have crashed onto the island.

I can't wait to see this!

Stargate Universe is a pretty good show so far. Not the best in the universe so far, but I have this really good feeling that it's going to get better and better as it goes along. It's got a great cast including Lou Diamond Philips so far anyway. The basic premise is a bunch of people are stuck on a spaceship going nowhere in the middle of space. They want to get off. It's like a serious Gilligan's Island in space, or maybe more like Star Trek Voyager.