Monday, August 30, 2010

Superhero Health and Exercise

I've always been into two things for most of my life which are weight lifting and comic books. Right now I'm really into health and fitness in general, and I've created a site dedicated to health and fitness called health and fitness . I've recently added a section about superheroes and fitness. I talk about actors and what they do to get into shape for superhero movies, and some comic book characters that relied on the gym to get their super powers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time-Rider Returns

No I'm not talking about the old movie from the early 80s. I'm talking about a comic book creation of mine. I spent quite some time a couple of years or more ago on creating a superhero time traveler character. At first I had him travel time by just walking through doors of time, but this time around he's only going through time with the help of his flying 57 Chevy equipped with its very own artificial intelligence. Yes, my comic book may be really campy, but if you like old fashioned comic book goodness with a slight twist then give it a try.

The latest story also features another character I call Johnny Rebel, who has been around since the Civil War, but is really digging the 1950s so much he's gone to dressing like James Dean. Yes, that's right the latest story starts in the 1950s. Rebel is sort of like Superman only with an attitude and electrical powers. He's not from another planet however. He's a man with a curse.

Time-Rider is just an average guy living on a farm who once was involved with the Philadelphia Experiment. He has no memory of the time travel adventures that occurred due to his military mission. His wife however knows everything. At some point she's got a lot of splainin to do as a very popular 50s TV star might say.

So don't be square. Take a ride back into the 50s and beyond with the adventures of Time-Rider.

Read the Return of the Time-Rider