Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Time Superhero Art

Well it's Christmas time again. I've been partied out, had my money stripped from my hands in the name of Christmas giving, and watched as many Christmas specials and Christmas TV Episodes as humanly possible. I thought in the spirit of the holidays I would share some of the great holiday superhero art from my superhero site

Here's a relatively new addition Sabre Claus done by Randy. This one features Wolverine's arch nemesis Sabretooth climbing down the chimney like Santa Claus.

Who knows what has become of the real Santa here. Has Sabretooth destroyed Santa and thereby ruined Christmas for millions of youngsters? Is it still possible for Wolverine to save the day? Or will Santa himself rise to the occasion and put some magical whoop you know what on Sabretooth? Who knows but wouldn't it be a great Christmas special. Come by and post your comments on this work of art.

I really dig this piece of art to the left featuring the Batman's. It was a running gag for a while by Eddy that pitted the Dark Knight version of Batman vs the light hearted Adam West version. Here we see the Joker giving Adam West possibly a very deadly gift leaving the Dark version of Batman to exclaim, " Oh crap!". I can only guess what kind of deadly trap awaited Adam West. Could it have been a toy with lead paint? Were all these toys made in China?

Click here for the larger version. More of the West Batman series.

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