Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sci-Fi with a Twist Book with Twilight Zone Endings

If you are like me and love the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and maybe even a little bit of Alfred Hitchcock, then the new book, Sci-Fi with a Twist may be the book for you. It contains eleven short science fiction stories that end, well, with a bit of shock sometimes.

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The stories contained are very reminiscent of the Twilight Zone. There's a classic TV feel to it all. I love the anthology format. Each story is unique and takes you on another journey into the unknown. Some of which start out in familiar settings and end with the extraordinary.

  One of the best stories inside, The Cave, actually reminds me of the 80's TV show, Amazing Stories. Remember that one? Each week Stephen Spielberg presented another amazing tale.

The last story, Invasion from Outer Space, will remind you a little of a 1950's sci-fi movie, and the ending is very much in line with what you might expect from Rod Serling.

There's a lot of that old Rod Serling feel to this book. One story takes a writer from his living room into the old west without explanation, much like individuals in the Twilight Zone might walk over a hill or out a door and find themselves thrown backward into time.

Here's the official description of the book.

Short science fiction and fantasy stories that, more often than not, end with a surprise or twist you couldn’t see coming. Transport yourself to other lives and other worlds where travel through time and space is a reality and where second chances and the end of the world sometimes cross paths. It’s a detour into the unknown filled with wonder and excitement beyond reality, and yet close enough, to make you second guess yourself.

1. So this is the End - An astronaut from the 1960's wakes up in a strange future in a deserted laboratory and falls in love with a beautiful lady astronaut from the future, kept there captive by unknown entities. Can they discover where they are and when? Are they the last remnants of humanity?

2. The Robber - An old thief goes back in time to finally obtain his much sought after, big score, only to discover a family secret that could have changed his life altogether.

3. The Search for Heaven - Somewhere in outer space in an unknown time, a man named Noah searches for Heaven through a wormhole and finds the unexpected.

4. The Fastest Gun Alive - A writer finds himself in his own story as his own wild west character. Can he survive long enough to get back home?

5. The Cave - A teenager enters a cave and emerges decades earlier running into his younger father living in the 1980's.

6. The End of Time - A group of time travelers saves Abraham Lincoln, but at what cost?

7. Angel of Death - A former lawman becomes a pastor of a small church in the old west, but can't outrun his violent past. Will he have to take up his guns again or will he get a hand from above?

8. Missing - A man's daughter disappears mysteriously into thin air. Where and when will he ever find her again?

9. By the Grace of God - A home inspector has his average life turned upside down. It all starts with a seriously strange unheeded premonition.

10. From My Cold Dead Hands - A hit man has one last chance at redemption before it's too late for all eternity.

11. Invasion from Outer Space - A group of teens in the 1950's witness what appears to be an alien invasion, but what is really happening will change their lives forever.

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